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Our mission is to bring like minded individuals that share a passion for reading together. Allowing the opportunity for networking and a forum to share your opinions and ideas. We go beyond just reading a book but also strive to build stronger relationships and communities.

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May's Book of the Month
Rebecca Simmons's
Nobody's Business

Book synopsis: Nobody's Business is a novel about relationships, love and live. This book places relationships under a microscope and allows you to examine them from a safe distance. Be careful though, that you don't get too involved in somebody else's business, which is actually Nobody's Business. Clara works in a women's crisis center. Day after day, she gets to hear about the problems of the women who come in to see her. This is a great escape from the issues that Clara has in her own life. As long as she has the Crisis Center she can run and hide from the experiences of her own dark past. This suits Clara just fine, but her boyfriend Jason is not happy. Finally, when Clara can run no more and there is no place else to hide, she is forced to look in the mirror of her life and watch the unveiling of something so horrible that it is no wonder that she chose to forget it. This story will take you deep into the lives of the characters. Don't be surprised if you find yourself wondering if just maybe the author has slipped into the closet of your own life and written a chapter or two about what she sees. Don't worry. Nobody's Business is a work of fiction. However, it is based on some very real issues. What happens to Clara? Will she ever find true love? Will her issues do her in? Read this book and journey with Clara through the pages of her life, or is it your life or maybe even mine?

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