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Our mission is to bring like minded individuals that share a passion for reading together. Allowing the opportunity for networking and a forum to share your opinions and ideas. We go beyond just reading a book but also strive to build stronger relationships and communities.

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September's Book of the Month
David L's
A recipe 4 Revenge

Book synopsis: A Recipe 4 Revenge is an action & suspense novel that illustrates the lives of four very different women at various stages of their lives and chronicles their perspective on how they have been individually tormented and sexually abused by an unsuspecting individual from high school. At their ten year high school reunion, past secrets are uncovered about one another and egos are put to a test as each individual quickly come to the realization that their lives are intertwined in more ways than they could ever imagine. Do they allow their discoveries of one another to continue to dictate their fate? Are they able to set aside personal vendettas with a common enemy long enough to retaliate accordingly? These are just a few of the questions that must be answered before their perpetrator becomes aware of whom they are and become the antagonist!

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Naima Cathy


Sugar & Spice Book Club, Always Reading Somethin' ... And You Got that Right!